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Our Story

Nana’s founder, Ana Ogunjumo is a native of Colombia. Seeing the inequalities that existed in her community as she grew up, she purposed in her heart to open a business that would serve and uplift women in her society.

Unfortunately, her dreams were thwarted by the fears and insecurities she developed as a result of the persecution her family faced in her teenage years.

Ana’s dreams laid dormant until she learned of her husband’s late grandmother, Nana Abigail, a woman who overcame poverty, orphandom, and illiteracy to build businesses that impacted her society.        

Inspired by the courage, character, and compassion of Nana Abigail, Ana confronted her fears, ignored the doubts, and decided to start Nana's Bag Company. From the beginning, she chose to center the Nana brand around issues dear to her heart –empowering women, caring for the forgotten, and treating everyone equitably and with dignity. With that, Ana set out to design high-quality chic bags that communicate her values and inspire every woman to Live Inspired.

I chose the name Nana to honor the woman who inspired me and to inspire everywoman to live her true identity, chase her goals, and fulfill her dreams. This is incredibly important thing to me.

Ana Ogunjumo

Our Promise


We will always promote the strength of women by making a limited quantity of exclusive handcrafted purses that are as bold, colorful, and unique as the women we serve.


We will always be socially responsible, sweatshop free, and compensate our vendors handsomely.


We will always support and promote charitable causes and stand for marginalized people. We will give10% or more of our profits to organizations fighting to free women from sex exploitation.

Our Partners Fighting Against Human Trafficking

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