Nana's Bag Company

Live Courage

Because you are stronger than they think

The look of our bags include colors and prints that carry the message of bold, fearlessness, and daring

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Live Character

Because you are more powerful than they know

We treat our artisans ethically and with integrity, paying fair wages, and never resorting to using sweat shops

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Live Compassion

Because you care more than they imagine

We partner with organizations that are setting women free from sex exploitation; giving away at least ten percent of our profits and participating in anti-human trafficking events

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All The Raves

Our Story

Inspired by the courage, character, & compassion of Nana Abigail, Ana confronted her fears, ignored the doubts, and decided to start Nana’s Bag Company. From the beginning, she chose to center the Nana brand around issues dear to her heart – empowering women, caring for the forgotten, and treating everyone equitably and with dignity. With that, Ana set out to design high-quality chic bags that communicate her values and inspire every woman to Live Inspired.

About Us

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